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Goodbye Sousedsky Klub

You will never be forgotten

We had to stand on the stairs for a while, there were so many people. Šárka told me about you and the people who come and visit you. Strange people, interesting people.

The band was jamming and the atmosphere was filled with the sweet smell of fun.

This is a magic place

I had to come again. And so happened, that Šárka and me visited you again, next day. On my way out, I told Honza, how much I liked this place and that I definitely will come more often.

A few weeks later, Honza announced on Facebook that the Sousedsky Klub will close forever. Asking myself, what the reason would be, I already decided to help you keeping alive. Šárka and I agreed to work voluntarily behind the bar every wednesday.

Wednesday is German night

While working behind the bar, we met so many interesting and nice people. Some even came, just to speak German (as we both do usually). The wednesday nights became the German nights, but we spoke also Dutch, English, Russian, French and, of course, Czech.

After helping the Sousedsky Klub for five month, it finally had to shut down. Forever.

We celebrated the funeral of the spirit of Sousedsky Klub, yesterday.

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